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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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developing right now, now,supreme court justice - an-tonin scalia - - has died*. sources say the 79-year-old - passed away in his sleep - - following a day of quail hunting - in texas.there's no** indication - scalia - ported any illnes- before he went to sleep.he was the longest-serving justice - on the high court - appointed by ronald reagan - in - 19-86. those who watch politics - say - - south carolina isn't a primary -- it's a fist**'s where presidential races - are won and just two hours - six - republican candidates - take the stage - for their ninth'll see it right here - on cbs- 2 2as - craig boswell reports - similar to iowa - - all eyes will be on donald trump - and ted cruz. cruz. before tonight's debate in greenvillea& john kasich
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to work the campaign trail in south carolina."i hope you te for me a week from today" this state has been good to the bush familya& both his brother and father won here. but bush - and the other republican candidates - are all trailing donald trump in the polls.the new hampshire primary winner will be center stage th the iowa winner - texas senator ted cruz. the two men continue to attack each other."find out where he gets his money **audience boos**""it's all a smoke screen to hide from his record.""who has the most pressure tonight""i think it's rubio"gop political consultant dave woodard says florida senator marco rubio must do better tonight after faltering during the abc news new hampshire debate."the fact is barack obama""there it is again that 15 second memorized speech"but woodard says the pressure is not just on rubio. this debate could be a make or break moment for any of the candidates, with the primary just a week away.what is the impact of the debate it's
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gingrich won the debate and then won the primary 4 days later. it's really important to perform well in the debate because it can turn around the whole election."candidates with a poor showing in the primary could be forced to drop out of the racecraig boswell, cbs news, greenville, south carolina the debate begins at eight - right here on cbs can also live stream - the event - on cbs two - iowa dot com. the state department - just released - another 550 - of hillary clinton's - e- of 84* of those messages - had been up- graded to classified - since they were sent.none of them were top secret.most of the e-mails - were upgraded to "confidential" - - the lowest security ranking.a federal judge has ordered - all* of clinton's e-mails - released by the end - of the month. pope francis is in mexico. he's demanding - mexican bishops* - fight against the
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tonight demanding mexican mexicans - escape the violence* and corruption. thousands of people - lined the streets - of mexico* city - to see the pope - arrive at the basilica - of our lady - of guadalupe. right now - in the corridor - teachers are looking for innovative ways - to keep kids involved in's part of a state - wide effort - to motivate - educators and kids. cbs 2 news reporter - steffi lee - is in the news-room - - after spending the day at camp. ed camp iowa was a powerfrf learning experience for teachers. each session targeted a certain area in education.teachers asked how they can empower students' voices and the best ways to bring technology into the classroom. classroom. "it's really about system changing change and networking teachers stronger."the teachers sitting at these roundtable discussions became utudents of their craft for the day. day."teachers come in with things t ty really want to talk about and dive into."more than one hundred teachers from across the state attended
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teacherso learn fm each other - about keeping classes engaged - and adapting to each individual student.ninth grade english teacher clint heitz says one idea's he's taken away is using social media as a learning tool. tool."this is a way to promote positive aspects of themselves. positive images of themselves that can actually aid them in the future."for students - "increasing my success with students. building better, >> reporter: for those that work with at-risk students -- >> building larger relationships and longer lasting relationships. >> reporter: sometimes 's ababt relationships built on meaning. >> students want to talk about race and social justice and things they have not traditionally not been talking about in a school seting.
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now adapting by them wanting the classrooms to be aspired. inaddition to the cedar rap bids location, there are four state. it is the largest in the nation. >> valentine's day all about the hearts and flowers and one group wants to extend that to cardiovascular care. the american heart association and lindale mall teamed up to celebrate. even with the boxes of chocolates around it's important to stay balanceed. they offered tips for fatty foods. >> we thought it would be a great time for people to stop by and we'd shshe information on living a healthier fe and just to get the word out to people that we're here, we're
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some of lindale shops also shod off their red dresses, the color of heart health and valentine's day. >> in iowa city, music got everyone's heart beating to day. the coffee shop and book store is the place for all ople of abilities to hang out to. day they enjoyed a fundraiser called strings of my heart. pennies on the whale entertained. there is a pot luck dinner tonight. >> it's a huge day for an iowa farm boy who grew up to be one of the most famous artist in the world. grant into celebrating his 25th birthday. museums are showcaseing his work. the museum of art in cedar rapids that is largest collection of grant wood pieces. today people could see it for
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our exhibition celebrates grant and marvin. they were great friend, went to paris together in 19206789 we american gototc - and stone city - spent a lot of his career - in cedar rapids.the special exhibit - runs through - may 15th. coming up - on your cbs 2 news at six - - valentine's rush. rush.why flower shop owners - say this year is - different** - and why there's a mad dash - to their stores. stores. dad: i know. spots culligan m m: the problem is y yr water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities.
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mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
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culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. your monday with cbs 2,for music's biggest night. the 58-th annual grammys will air live on cbs 2
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on cbs 2 this morning, we'll catch you up to speed on all the awards up for grabs and special performances guys - - we're just trying to help - - this may be your last warning - - valentine's guy, we're just trying to help out. this may be your last warnk. valentine's day starts in about six hours. flower shops here and around the country are dealing with the rush. owners say it's the busiest weekend of the yeye. they have to hire more help and pull in family members to help out with the deliveries. "being on a sunday makes it a year the celebration is a little more spread out. >> on a sunday makes a difference. we'll be busy friday, saturday and sunday. >> the national retail federation says we'll spend almost $20 billion, with a b,
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that may include a a night out for dinner or a sunday brunch. a winter storm could show up at the me time. how restrants are responding and what you need to know if your first course turn out to be snow. that's tonight at 10:00. meteorologist - rebecca - cope - pellman - for the latest information in your
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coming up in sports sportsthe panthers shocked the shockers -- how u-n-i did something that hasn't been done in 3 years -- next on cbs 2. 2."cbs 2 news connects with us at 1-800-222-kgan email us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook at facebobo/kgan cbs 2.
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nothern iowa hasn't won at wichita state shockers and now, cbs 2 sports zach hanley. >> the shockers have not lost the longest in the nation -- but we know this years panthers -- they're giant killers killersu-i undefefted against ranked teams this seasonand they pounced in the first half -- klint carlson -- averages 6 points per game --
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the 3 puts u-n-i up 9 --the shockers would battle back in the send half -- but the panthers always had an answer -- matt bohannon -- bo knows threes -- 9 points from the linn-mar grad -- u-n-i up 7 then later in the half -- wes washpun -- hard to the rack for 2 plus 1 -- panthers up 53 - 47the shockers would cut it to 3 with 3 seconds left -- connor frankamp -- wide open to tie the game -- clank -- u-n-i snaps the streak -- and knocks off another nked opponent -- 53 to 50 the final. claire tills' till timne as a hawk -- is over -- the senior forward is scheduled to have career - ending knee surgery next week -- till has appeared in 14 games this season -- but has sat out the last month because of chronic knee pain. -- iowa travels to minnesota on monday bill fen-lee's squad dropped their 3rd straight game -- 79
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iowa state's 8th loss in their last 9 games -- meredith burkhall led the clones with 18 points... the month of february means one thing on the prep sports season -- tournament time -- and the swimmers were the first to make a splash -- first state tournament of the winter season boys smming championship at marshalltown and dubuque senior started with a bang -- the rams took the 200 medley relay title with a time of 1 -- 34 -- 03then in the 200 freestyle -- washington's cameron kelly -- finished first in 1 -- 39 -- 50and then the defending champs would get things going in the 200 -- i-m -- west's mark mclaughlin sets state record -- in n -- 46 -- 96 -- for his 9th career goldand his teammate will scott -- picked up right where he left off in the 50 free --- scott broke the state e cord by 3 tenths of a second -- as a team the trojans finished 2nd -- behind waukee
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dual tournament is already set in stone -- but there were still tickets to be punched to state -- for the individual tourament -- top two wrestlers in each district tournament advance to the well welland it was a packed house at jeffersonat 120 -- jeff's brenden baker getstshe takedown there -- enroute to his 18 to 14 decision to win a district championshipmoving on up -- dubuque hempstead's alex ward -- wins with the pin -- to take the 145 pound title huge match at 152 between kennedy's logan rodriguez and jefferson's kyle briggs -- the two wrestled twice in the last 2 weeks -- briggs one both and thatpattern continued -- briggs getete t-d -- he'd win with a 7 to 3 decisionand at 160 -- linn-mar's shea hartzler -- gets two big points right there with the takedown -- hartlzer would take the title with a 7 to 6 decision 2-a districts in independence at 132 pounds -- new hampton's keaton gertz -- already going to the state dual tournament
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for a while -- gertz w ws with the pin -- to take t t title then at 138 -- it was a classic -- between denver - tripola's drew davis and independence's caleb wilson -- davis gets the takedown in overtime to win a district championship -- and a huge hug from coachat 160 -- indee's jake jewell -- was all business -- jewell wins a district title with a pin -- 1 of 5 mustangs to head to state and at 182... north fayete valley's nick baumler was a take down machine -- that's 1 of 4 in his match -- he wins with a 9 to 6 decision and crowned a district champ. we will be right back to take one last look at your forecast
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if you're used to playing candy**land on the kitchen table -- take a look at this. if you're useed to playing candy land on the kitchen table, take a look at this. the life-size version of the board game kept families entertained at the cedar rapids library today. the kids traveled the pepper mint forest and it's'sso much more than just a cool treat on a cold day.
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actually a great way to develop language skill, especially in early ages and the growing up.ism's something the library has always done. >> you didn't ll us we could dress up. we didn'know about this. this is just one of many special days throughout the year at the cedar rapids public library. you may just wawa to stay inside if you can. i know it's valentine's day but there is a winter weather advisory posted for tonight at midnight until 6:00 sunday. it will be snowing during that time, mainly steady after midnight tonight and continues throughout tomorrow. we're expecting about three to five inches across the area. once we get through tomorrow things start to impr^ve nd temperatures start to warm up monday and tuesday.
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then close to 50 degrees by friday and weekend. lots of ups and downs but good
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we'll be
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